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Bring relief team and enterprises continued to move forward

Date:2015-05-19 11:28 Writer:Weikang Click:

Faced with fierce competition in today's era, to the stability of the enterprise to obtain sustainable development must allow employees to maintain the exuberant energy, with a calm and relaxed state of mind to to deal with complex and stressful work environment.
In August 10th, the company in the hotel gold the middle-level cadres and the new staff held a training class for the purpose of decompression.
Hired decompression course content "extension kernel business school delivered by Mr. Zhang Zhen introduced by the Australian desert nuggets". Mr. Zhang's lectures vivid, interactive and coordinated students rhyme.
Courses for trainees soberly recognize a law: when we are faced with a new situation in the new things and new topic, must not blind action, before the movement rule of unknown things, we must use all possible means to obtain the information as much as possible, then carries on the effective treatment and connected to the information, from out of us to get effective help information for us to avoid detours, less frustration, so as to obtain success.