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Let love continue Wei Kang group love student action into th

Date:2015-05-19 11:27 Writer:Weikang Click:
 On May 30, 2014, on the occasion of the children's Day is approaching, "let love lasts" Weikang biology group EducAid care effort into Shandong Yishui.
EducAid care effort led by Wei Kang biological group chairman Wang Zongji, manager Wang Yuping etc. group Pro comes with a team, Shandong Province Department of Finance in the first Secretary of the Village Zhou Hui, Gaoqiao Town leaders such as at the donor site. Nine three society and all the media reporters witnessed the whole process of student friends.
On behalf of the faculty and student representatives first of all have to do the emotion sincere thanks to speak; then chairman Wang Zongji remarks, touched the presence of all teachers and students, Wang Zongji tells the story of the hardships of his childhood, encouraged the presence of the students to study hard, with their own hands to break a piece to belong to own better future. Provincial Department of Finance in the first Secretary of the village affirmed the Weikang EducAid care effort. And hope Wei Kang to redouble their efforts for the cause of China's education to make more efforts and contributions.
The student of love CPC to 58 students issued more than 30000 yuan grants, and for the children sent to a large number of books and stationery. Student action for children is a kind of encouragement, the students have said, must learn in the future with excellent grades to give back to the world.
After the donation ceremony, chairman Wang Zongji and his party visited braved the hot construction of hope primary school.
Love student action by the local government, warmly welcome the attention and Education Department of the masses. Continuous two years "let love last action, Wei Kang has Yishui students donated more than $30 million in grants and material aid.
Chairman Wang Zongji finally said: "future Weikang will for children set up a special love fund, to the love of the permanent continue, not limited to the annual action, but efforts and regular contributions, let this love normalization."
Chairman Wang Zongji touching speech
The children to the chairman Wang Zongji and other leaders with a bright red scarf
Photo taken with children