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The new food raw materials research and development and appl

Date:2015-05-19 11:21 Writer:Weikang Click:

The new food raw materials research and development and application of chitosan oligosaccharide seminar was held successfully in Wei Kang

On 8 February 2015, by of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the biotechnology R & D center and Shandong Weikang Biology Group Co sponsored the "new food raw chitosan oligosaccharide R & D and Application Symposium" in Weikang Biotechnology Park held successfully.

National public nutrition improvement project director, Greater China Health Alliance executive director of longer than the small winter, public nutrition improvement project Secretary Long Wang Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences Marine Research Institute researcher Li Pengcheng, national food risk assessment center researcher Xu beach, Jiangnan University Jiang Bo, director of the State Key Laboratory of food science, China food fermentation Industrial Research Institute of standards and Information Research Professor Zhang Wei, deputy director Guo Xinguang, Ocean University of China Professor Li, Weikang Biology Group Chairman Wang Zongji, Weikang biological general manager Wang Yuping, Weikang biological chitosan oligosaccharide production and research and Development Center Director Li Kang, more than a hundred experts and professors attended the seminar.

Chairman Wang Zongji made welcome speech for seminars.

Director yuxiaodong on "health" concept was fully discussed, he said the "health" is a public health. Not only is refers to the medical and health, including more spirit, cosmetic, such as a wide range of health. At the same time, he analyzed the different understanding of health, and points out the existing problems in the health industry.

Professor Li made the new food raw materials of chitosan oligosaccharide status and the prospect of the development of the theme of the report, to the participants fully demonstrated the chitosan oligosaccharide wide application and broad prospects for development.

Professor Xu Haibin's "new food raw materials chitooligosaccharides food safety assessment" by the participants attention.

Professor Jiang Bo "" new food raw materials, processing and application of chitosan oligosaccharide launched a full discussion.

The new food raw material of chitosan oligosaccharide standardization "theme of the report, director of the Guo Xinguang. Vistakon as the drafters of the chitosan oligosaccharide standards expressed full respect.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, an associate researcher at the Institute of marine Ronge Xing, Li Kecheng respectively on the chitosan oligosaccharide derivatives antioxidant, reduced the activity of blood glucose and treatment of acute renal failure "and the single polymerization degree chitosan oligosaccharide preparation technology, the theme of the report.

In 2014, Vistakon's efforts to boost, chitosan oligosaccharide success is approved by the state for new food raw materials, Wei Kang become China chitosan oligosaccharide new food raw material standard, the drafters. At the same time Wei Kang has also become the first obtain chitosan oligosaccharide production license of the enterprise. All of these indicate that the China chitosan oligosaccharide era has arrived.