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2015 second circles of chitin and its derivatives industry f

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2015-01-16 Wei Kang biological
15 to 16 January 2015, by the East China and University of fermentation industry separation and extraction technology research and Development Center sponsored, Shandong Wei Kang biological group co "innovation and sustainable -- 2015 second session of chitin and its derivatives industry forum" in Linyi, China successfully held.

In the forum, Yu Guang Du, Xia Wenshui, Zhao liming, Li Pengcheng, nearly ten famous domestic chitin experts attended and delivered a wonderful speech, Shandong Wei Kang biological group chairman Wang Zongji as a special guest attended the forum and made an important speech, a total of more than 160 of chitin and its derivatives related enterprises gathered in Linyi, a total of development of chitin.

In a day and a half of the meeting, all experts and enterprises of chitin and its derivatives market trends, technological change, research progress and application of issues launched a lively discussion, aimed at the collision of ideas, consensus, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the chitin industry.

Chinese medicine and health products import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president of Xuming for the chitin industry production and export situation has carried on

 the detailed evaluation


Professor of the school of food science and technology, Jiangnan University, China Chemical will the chitin will Professor Xia Wenshui, deputy director on the chitosan oligosaccharide structure, function and application of here and all the experts and scholars, business was wonderful to share.

Professor of Process Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of chemical engineering, State Key Laboratory of sugar biological engineering subject group researcher Yu Guang Du do the research and application of the marine oligosaccharides and the theme of the report, attracted everyone's attention, received a warm welcome.

Huadong University of fermentation industry separation and extraction technology research and Development Center Director Zhao Liming for everyone at the dedication of the a the chitin and its derivatives of cleaner production and application of innovation "wonderful report, won warm applause.

China Institute of marine research of Marine Biotechnology R & D Center Deputy Director Li Pengcheng "decoration structure of chitin and its derivatives and on plant pathogenic bacteria activity of" report has sparked widespread discussion.

Shandong Wei Kang biological group chairman Wang Zongji to experts and enterprises introduced Kang of the development process, 15 years engaged in chitin in experience and prospects for the future of chitin do share the wonderful.

Professor Zhao Xia

Professor Wei Jie

Natural medicinal chemistry research laboratory Medical College; Ocean University of China, Shandong Province, sugar science and sugar Engineering Key Laboratory of Professor Zhao Xia, East China Institute of Wei Jie, Professor, School of materials science and engineering, University of technology, Wuhan University of Technology Graduate School professor Fan Li red and China Pharmaceutical University Teacher sun caichunmeng respectively of chitin and its derivative drug preparation, medical applications, biomedical and Chinese Pharmacopoeia formulation etc. aspects made a keynote speech.

Professor Fan Lihong

Sun Chunmeng teacher

Process, the experts of the participating enterprises put forward the question and, a short round table discussions in the forum.

Chitin is the only a natural cationic polysaccharide in nature, by the scientific community as the sixth elements of the material life of human body. It is widely used in many fields of medical materials, health food, bio fiber, beauty products and agriculture etc., the development prospect is broad. The participating experts and enterprises consistent firmly believe that under the joint efforts of all the scientific research institutions and enterprises, chitin and its derivatives will steady development, shine.