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Shandong governor: meeting the requirements of food industry

Date:2015-05-19 10:58 Writer:Weikang Click:
Deputy Secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, governor Guo Shuqing chaired the July 9th special meeting food industry to upgrade. He stressed that to increase the variety, improve quality, cultivate brand, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of food industry.
Shandong is the food production, consumption and export of a large province, complete industry categories, relatively complete industrial chain, the scale and volume data occupies a first in the country, but profit margins and additional value is low, industrial transformation and upgrade imminent. As of the end of 2013, food industrial enterprises above Designated Size of Shandong 5575, food industry main business income, profits and taxes, profits, export volume ranks first in the same industry. Frozen aquatic products, edible vegetable oil, cold meat, beer, wine production of 5 kinds of products also ranks first in the country. But now, the prevalence of food industry in Shandong product added value is low, the level of comprehensive utilization of raw materials is not high, the low level of industrial structure. Transformation and upgrade imminent.
The meeting heard a report of the provincial food industry association. Xiwang Group, homey group, Jingzhi wine, Jin Wang food, Luhua group, Qin Laotai food, Delisi group enterprises and provincial departments responsible for people to speak, from food industrial technology research and development, brand building, market development and put forward opinions and suggestions.
Guo Shuqing listened carefully to the speeches, and some important problems and discussion exchange. He pointed out that at present, residents' food consumption is from survival consumption accelerate to health oriented, enjoy consumption changes, from "eat, eat" to safe to eat, eat healthy change, to high-quality, diversified transformation, food industry development in a large space. The food industry, must rely on technology, relying on innovation, rely on good faith, by marketing.

We should adhere to put the needs of customers in the first place, put the interests of consumers in the first place, conform to the trend of food industry, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of the food industry. To further enrich and improve the variety of foods, especially health care products, nutritional supplements and other high value-added products, produce more genuine, ordinary people to accept, the market acceptance of products is increased. To further improve the food quality, strengthen the food safety supervision and management, to speed up the development of cold chain logistics, from the production, processing, transportation, storage and other links will continue to improve the quality of the products. To further strengthen the food brand building, not instant success, not just for the sake of shortcut must Kung Fu, relentless effort, slow work, in good faith to settle down, carefully nurtured consumers trust the brand.