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Shandong Wei Kang Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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 Shandong Wei Kang biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, under the Shandong Wei-kang Biological Group, is a marine biological products, research, development, production and sales in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Group in January 2013, to invest in high-tech zones in Linyi built a 270 million yuan Wei Kang biotechnology park, creating a production, learning and research integration chitooligosaccharides production research and development center, we established an annual output of 100 tons of high-quality housing oligosaccharides production lines, in terms of enzymatic preparation chitooligosaccharides in leading domestic level, is home to leading technology chitooligosaccharides production base. The company is committed to promoting the development of chitooligosaccharides industry. April 16, 2014, the National Health and Family Planning Commission approved the oligochitosan company declared a new food ingredients. December 2014, access to the domestic first chitooligosaccharides food production license.
       Company and Institute of Oceanology achieve long-term strategic cooperation agreement. Hired East China University of Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Wuhan University, Third Military Medical University, and many other well-known experts as consultants. Shandong Province has chitooligosaccharides engineering technology research center, Shandong Province, chitosan oligosaccharide and its derivatives Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Marine Research post-doctoral workstations, academician workstation, and the only chitin Science and Technology Museum. It has 26 patents, including 24 national invention patents, patent appearance 2. Companies in the United Nations specialized agency in-depth case study of oligosaccharides chitooligosaccharides. Advanced testing equipment and facilities, in 2014 participated in the drafting oligochitosan national industry standards.

       More than ten years, the company always adhere to the "love life, to defend the health" business purposes, hold high "for the struggle for the cause of human health and beauty" banner, adhere to the "production, learning and research," a combination of the development plan, with strong R & D strength, advanced production technology, excellent product quality, a huge marketing network and improve after-sales service, will become the industry leader chitooligosaccharides.

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